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Designed to meet your personal requirements.

Single Bedroom Pod House_1 - Photo.jpg


In the modern world we must be flexible and adaptable. CUBOHAUS is our response to this need.

A luxurious and flexible space that can be installed almost anywhere and provide you with the valuable space you need without compromising on design and quality.

Whether you are looking for a home office, an additional bedroom for guests, a home gym or a bar, CUBOHAUS can provide you with the space you need, finished to fit your personal requirements and designed to be a beautiful addition to any garden or available space. 

Office POD_1 - Photo.jpg

CUBOHAUS utilises modern and efficient prefabricated steel construction techniques to create an incredibly strong structure then adding a high-quality finish whilst also minimising waste.

This modern approach removes the disruption and time delays of traditional construction methods, providing you with the designer luxury space you need in as little as 2 days on site. 

Each CUBOHAUS is beautifully designed and finished to an exceptional standard with bespoke furniture, LED Lighting, air-conditioning (cool/ heat), etc. all designed to meet your specific requirements. 


The building, as well as having great aesthetics, is highly insulated and utilises energy efficient glazing, whilst also combining the use of natural lighting with LED lighting to minimise energy consumption. 

CUBOHAUS can even be designed to operate off-grid providing you with a truly flexible space that can be installed wherever you want it. Manufactured in Spain, CUBOHAUS is now available in all European countries however, like out CUBOHAUS ethos, we are flexible and can work with our clients to deliver to most parts of the world. 

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